When a woman drops her crown and let go her pride to apologize, it doesn’t mean she’s cheap, it simply means she knows what she wants and truly values her relationship/marriage. It also means wisdom. But unfortunately, most guys/men take advantage of it and see a lady/woman who apologizes first as cheap by taking off … Continue reading I’M SORRY


So I was thinking the other day. Sometimes people would use you especially if you have a good heart. We all have been victims I know for certain. Although some of us still have that good heart as it is a gift from GOD and it can’t be changed no matter how hard we try … Continue reading BE CAUTIOUS


Okay, so there’s no where it is written that a lady is supposed to pursue or chase after a man interested in her, neither is it written that ladies should propose to that man you’re in a relationship with just because he’s taking time to propose. A man who’s interested in you should be the … Continue reading CHOOSE WISELY