1. Amazingly true ,forgiveness does bring peace in our hearts,mind and pure relief.Like you said it’s a process and not easy but thank God for his love and care that remains to enable us to do so. Let our hearts be open to the freedom that our Lord Jesus Christ brought by dying for us on the cross.Let us not let the enemy hold us hostage, keep us chained, harden our hearts from forgiving**Remember we are free **Those that Christ died for are free indeed**…Break free from the bondage of unforgiveness!!

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  2. Most times forgiveness ain’t even for the people who wronged us but for ourselves. To be whole and in tune as an individual.
    Great post sis. Thank you.

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  3. Forgiveness does more for the person forgiving than the person being forgiven. You literally feel a Ton of weight being lifted from your chest when you forgive someone, especially they’re not sorry.
    Whenever it’s very hard for me to forgive someone I think of two things: 1- when I wasn’t sorry God forgave me and waited for me to realize it, he even sent his son, why do I think I cannot forgive someone? 2- if I die without forgiving this person, where am I going? Your guess is as good as mine.

    I’m excited reading this again. It has reminded me what I should always be conscious of.

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