Speak Life

There is a need to always speak life to your spirit, soul, body and mind. You glow and function differently, when you intentionally learn to keep focusing on yourself and taking care of yourself to the best of your ability to become better than who you were seconds ago.

You owe yourself a lot of commitment. You owe yourself accountability. You owe yourself growth. You owe yourself happiness. You owe yourself love. You owe yourself peace. To crown it all, all these things never happen without involving yourself fully, as everything called change starts with SELF.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen short in the things you have committed yourself to do. The fact you keep making effort and trying your best says a lot and means everything. Keep it moving and keep growing.

LOVE and LIVE!!!

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By Relationship with Gloria

Gloria is all about learning from all kinds of people and growing through life. She is always inspired by a lot of things she sees, hears, and reads. She writes about anything that has to do with deep thinking and reality. She also enjoys topics on all types of relationships.


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