Build Self-control

Each time I tell my siblings to rinse their plate and cutlery before using even though it’s clean, they would think it’s punishment. They would be like “it’s clean, they just washed it. Ahh! And I’m very hungry.” And I would be like, “just rinse again.”

Now, truth is, one thing I’ve been trying to teach them that they are not yet aware of is; they are actually in control of themselves and over their body and not the other way around.” We can tell our body to wait and it will obey by gradually teaching it self-control. This also teaches you as a person to become more patient with yourself and with life in general. Self-discipline/self-control and patience are one of the major keys we all need to cultivate through our life’s journey as human.

It’s not easy and it is sometimes difficult to cultivate we might think and say to ourselves, and yes, I totally understand that, but then, the truth is, nothing is too difficult to a willing mind, nothing is too difficult if and when we are determined.

To be honest, you can’t achieve or master self-control immediately, it takes time–it is a gradual process. Sometimes you’ll fail at it, but never criticize or judge yourself. Instead, pick yourself up and keep pushing until you attain mastery.

The little effort we make everyday to do something different from what we already know and or have been used to in becoming a better version of ourselves goes a long way. Therefore, never stop to put in effort to become better, keep trying. Keep giving it your best shot and never give up come what may.

In a nutshell, nothing is impossible. When you believe, you can achieve anything at all. And hey! You can, you should and you will.

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By Relationship with Gloria

Gloria is all about learning from all kinds of people and growing through life. She is always inspired by a lot of things she sees, hears, and reads. She writes about anything that has to do with deep thinking and reality. She also enjoys topics on all types of relationships.


  1. You know, I actually resist scratching itches because of this, and sometimes I think I’m a bit cuckoo for doing that, but like you said, I too want to prove to myself that I am the captain of my ship. Thanks so much for this inspirational post!

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