The Pain of Losing a Loved One

3 thoughts on “The Pain of Losing a Loved One”

  1. A heartfelt article Gloria …

    “Where’s That Dream”

    I have seen the universe through to the stars beyond
    There is a deep darkness, she is gone, she has gone
    I saw her smile crack from the pain
    There was a sorrow, she caught it tomorrow

    I have seen the moon through the burning sun
    Where is that planet she is walking on?
    I saw her eyes crying tears of sand
    Where is that beach she is lying on?

    I have seen the ocean through the broken coral
    Where is that ship, she is sailing on?
    I saw her body serene and frail
    Where are the ashes she is covered in?

    I have seen the earth open up, swallowing the multitude whole
    Where is that chasm she is falling through?
    I saw her gentle soul disappear out of sight
    Where is that secret heaven she is flying to?

    I have seen the land go through violent storms
    Where is the winds of time she’s spread upon?
    I saw her heart, her love, for all of you and me
    Where is that dream, she has left us to find?

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