Be Valuable

As much as we would love to live long and enjoy this life the Creator has given us to the full, we should always have in mind that tomorrow isn’t promised. Life is full of uncertainties, therefore, anything can happen at anytime. We might close our eyes in death someday unexpectedly. Reason I think we … Continue reading Be Valuable


When you are lost, and you know you are lost, you have to be in acceptance that you are lost. You have to be true to yourself first before finding any kind of help that you need. But then, is there someone and or are there people in your life that you can trust and … Continue reading Lost

Stop Being A Follower

Admiring is nice. But being admired is even better. Stop trying to fit in other people’s shoes. Find your own path. If that means breaking up completely your lifestyle, so be it. If you are “like” somebody else you can’t be “like” yourself anymore. A role model is as good as a kick in your … Continue reading Stop Being A Follower

Listen More

If there was anything quarantine taught me, it would be the art of listening more. Although, I’m quite good at listening, but I discovered I wasn’t so good when my younger sister sometimes complain about me not listening. I’m the quiet one and barely talk only when push come to shove; I mostly respond with … Continue reading Listen More

You First

Photo: Pinterest How well and or often do you silent the external world and just sincerely pay attention to your inner world? How well do you love yourself and inner peace? It would be fair and safe to say that you should love you enough to accept you just the way you are while striving … Continue reading You First