Simple and Meaningful

Everything we do as human beings is precious. If we are to find meaning in what we do, we must first become our own protagonist in the work. You have the leading role in your work. If you approach work with this attitude, all work becomes meaningful and invaluable. Shunmyo Masuno- The Art of Simple … Continue reading Simple and Meaningful

The Firstborn Child

One of the biggest challenges of being the eldest child is, trying to resolve pressing issues among your siblings. For instance, when there’s a misunderstanding among your siblings, they get to involve you in everything. You then have to learn to deal with each one of them with wisdom and understanding. Understanding in the sense … Continue reading The Firstborn Child

Self Helping

I am a sucker for a good self help book. OK- I am a sucker for a good book in general, but I can’t help but gravitate towards book that cheerlead. I like a full on, pompoms and pyramid building Go Team experience. Why do I like these books? I have no idea. I am … Continue reading Self Helping

Keep Growing

Do not be afraid to admit when you do not know something. Be bold to say, “I do not know.” It doesn’t matter if they’ll mock you and or see you a certain way, have in mind that you want to learn, and that’s the most important thing. Also, be humble enough to allow them … Continue reading Keep Growing

Live Accepted

by Apostle Gabriel Cross Beloved, do not allow rejection to cause you to reject those whom God sent you, where God is taking you, and how God made you. Refuse to be rejected. Live like you are accepted in the Beloved. © Crown of Glory International Ministries. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without … Continue reading Live Accepted

Try Again

Each time it rains and the sun follows up immediately to start shining down on earth, it reminds me of this song; “Try again,I remember,There is always sunshine after rainCan’t you see, everything gets betterWhen you try again.” It reminds me of how we would sing this song at the top of our voices back … Continue reading Try Again