Let Me Help You

As you get older you begin to understand why people drink their troubles away or why they smoke their lungs black. You remember a younger version of yourself counting the days to your next birthday and getting excited, but now you probably question the thought entirely. People made it seem so appealing, enticing you with … Continue reading Let Me Help You

An Eye Opener

You could die tomorrow. So, buy the shirt. Get your hair wet in the pool. Ride the rollercoaster. Speak up for what you believe is right. Spend the money. Eat the ice cream. Tell him that you love him. Sleep until the sun wakes you up. Take care of yourself. Cut your hair. Dance in … Continue reading An Eye Opener

Finish What You Started

Every incomplete thing in our life exerts a draining on us, sucking the energy of accomplishment and success out of us as surely as a vampire stealing our blood. Every incomplete promise, commitment, and agreement saps our strength because it blocks our momentum and inhibits our ability to move forward. Incomplete tasks keep calling us back … Continue reading Finish What You Started

You Have Potential

There are so many beautiful, talented souls in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your potential. I’ve encountered so many people in my life who tell me that I can’t do something. Those people are just testing you and you can’t let them bring you down. True friends will left you … Continue reading You Have Potential

Young People Reading

Once when I was at the gym, a gym buddy told me how he felt young children these days aren’t as engrossed with reading as they used to be, that nowadays they are in essence glued to technological escapes rather than literary ones. In many respects I think he isn’t wrong. Technology is constantly changing, … Continue reading Young People Reading