A Poem: Contentment

Focusing on what I have Not looking at what others have Which could birth envy in my heart if I’m not careful It means being satisfied and happy with all I’ve been blessed with While I keep staying grateful every step of the way for all the miraculous happenings in my life And for all … Continue reading A Poem: Contentment

A Poem: I Am Yours

Outside of you I am nothing You are the air I breathe and the life I live I am first yours, therefore, I need more of you And less of me; As with you I am complete I am all and who you say I am Grateful to be called yours Like, comment, follow and … Continue reading A Poem: I Am Yours

Gratitude Shifts Your Focus And Energy

Gratitude arms you with the necessary strength and perception to shift your focus from negative thought patterns towards positive patterns. Developing the habit of feeling and expressing gratitude will positively impact your career, personality, relationships, health, social life and what you experience in your reality. Instead of complaining about all the things you don’t have, … Continue reading Gratitude Shifts Your Focus And Energy