Speak Life

They say, “don’t teach a man how to treat you, the right man for you knows exactly how to treat you.” But I disagree. As I keep broadening my knowledge and understanding about life and relationships, I wouldn’t agree/accept everything I see and or read. As much as a man or the “right man” as … Continue reading Speak Life

You First

How well and or often do you silent the external world and just sincerely pay attention to your inner world? How well do you love yourself and inner peace? It would be fair and safe to say that you should love you enough to accept you just the way you are while striving to become … Continue reading You First

The Interview

I was watching an interview between Oprah and Beyonce the other day when Oprah suddenly asked a question which goes; Oprah: do you like being a wife or supposed girlfriend? Beyonce: …it’s different for everyone. But the most important thing is that, “you make sure you have your own life before you become someone else’s … Continue reading The Interview

Try Again

Each time it rains and the sun follows up immediately to start shining down on earth, it reminds me of this song; “Try again,I remember,There is always sunshine after rainCan’t you see, everything gets betterWhen you try again.” It reminds me of how we would sing this song at the top of our voices back … Continue reading Try Again