How To Change Your Thinking!

by Hazel Straub Truth! Your thoughts determine your actions. Each day you choose what you think about. Consequently, your mind needs restoration and a new way of thinking. Meditation on the truth found in God’s Word, will transform your thought life from popular cultural mindsets, or fearful negativity, to God’s way. Life will flow from … Continue reading How To Change Your Thinking!

Be Kinder To Yourself

There is no need to hide our scars. With our many scars, come deep cleansing and healing. But then, if we must be healed and or need healing, we must first learn not to criticize or judge ourselves to death. We must learn to be patient. Yes, we must be patient, patient with ourselves especially. … Continue reading Be Kinder To Yourself

Believe And Receive

by Hazel Straub Fear not for I am with you, says the Lord. Do not fear or tremble at the giants that taunt you. Know that I am with you and I will never leave or forsake you. I have overcome, the enemy defeated, and my victory is your victory. Speak to the mountain and … Continue reading Believe And Receive

What is Life?

Sometimes life is like a city. Everything is so busy and loud and you will find yourself trying to fit in somewhere. Sometimes life is like the sea. It is calm and beautiful and it will surprise you with its every wave. Sometimes life is like the desert. It seems unending, sad and depressing. Overall … Continue reading What is Life?