It’s incredible how quickly your life can be ripped away.  Without warning.  Without any prior planning.  There is no discrimination.  People take it for granted when they wake up in the morning.  Some folks wake up as though it were any other day.  And then their lives come to an end.  Just for the sake of it.  For no other reason than that.  Unfortunately, this was simply their turn. Pursue your objectives. Take those chances. Make the necessary investments.  Because we only have one life to live.  We also have no idea when it will be our time.  It may even be right now. Astroworld Continue reading Astroworld

Be Kinder To Yourself

There is no need to hide our scars. With our many scars, come deep cleansing and healing. But then, if we must be healed and or need healing, we must first learn not to criticize or judge ourselves to death. We must learn to be patient. Yes, we must be patient, patient with ourselves especially. … Continue reading Be Kinder To Yourself

What is Life?

Sometimes life is like a city. Everything is so busy and loud and you will find yourself trying to fit in somewhere. Sometimes life is like the sea. It is calm and beautiful and it will surprise you with its every wave. Sometimes life is like the desert. It seems unending, sad and depressing. Overall … Continue reading What is Life?

Unconditional Love

One advice: Never hide anything from someone who genuinely love you. Be authentic, be vulnerable, it doesn’t matter how ugly your past look, tell him or her everything. Sometimes, it’s difficult to handle when him or her hear about it, but it doesn’t matter, be truthful as that person who genuinely loves you would know … Continue reading Unconditional Love