Whom To Marry

So when you know who you are, you wouldn’t just settle for just anyone when it comes to marriage. Each time I tell people I can’t marry someone who can’t lead me, some would say don’t say that. But it’s the truth, when you know yourself, you wouldn’t want to marry someone who wouldn’t be … Continue reading Whom To Marry

Pure Intimacy

I’ve been pondering, when people talk about intimacy most of the time, what do they really mean? Is it always about sex? For me, I would say true and pure intimacy is all about closeness. Someone might say, “sex is what connect two people together.” Oh well, that’s not totally wrong, as sex has its … Continue reading Pure Intimacy

Speak Life

They say, “don’t teach a man how to treat you, the right man for you knows exactly how to treat you.” But I disagree. As I keep broadening my knowledge and understanding about life and relationships, I wouldn’t agree/accept everything I see and or read. As much as a man or the “right man” as … Continue reading Speak Life