Your Value

Society is constantly drawing attention to the state of our bodies. Purposely or unconsciously, I’m sure that everyday you think about your body and what it looks like in some form or another. But listen. The way your body looks doesn’t matter. God, who created the skilled and mountains and valleys and oceans and rivers … Continue reading Your Value

Be Kinder To Yourself

There is no need to hide our scars. With our many scars, come deep cleansing and healing. But then, if we must be healed and or need healing, we must first learn not to criticize or judge ourselves to death. We must learn to be patient. Yes, we must be patient, patient with ourselves especially. … Continue reading Be Kinder To Yourself

The Firstborn Child

One of the biggest challenges of being the eldest child is, trying to resolve pressing issues among your siblings. For instance, when there’s a misunderstanding among your siblings, they get to involve you in everything. You then have to learn to deal with each one of them with wisdom and understanding. Understanding in the sense … Continue reading The Firstborn Child

You First

Photo: Pinterest How well and or often do you silent the external world and just sincerely pay attention to your inner world? How well do you love yourself and inner peace? It would be fair and safe to say that you should love you enough to accept you just the way you are while striving … Continue reading You First

Set The Intention To Appreciate

You can’t appreciate others without appreciating yourself first. Many people are busy pleasing others instead of focusing on themselves. Be grateful for the wonderful gift that is your life. Celebrate the small wins in the same way you celebrate big successes. Acknowledge all that you have accomplished and believe all the positive things people say … Continue reading Set The Intention To Appreciate